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Improve the mold manufacturing technology level become the future development of new direction
Source:HUIHONG Plastic Mould    Time:2015-3-11 15:02:20
Market segments, attention to technology promotion, for example, a mold enterprise choose the only lights, the lights die as his market segments, the development direction of the enterprise is in auto lamp mould technology constant pursuit of progress, continue to study market in the mould of the technological characteristics, the gradual accumulation. These accumulation include technical standards, design standards and processing standards, through the continuous accumulation of enterprises and ultimately make the enterprise in the light of the car module to occupy a place in the market. Stable technology human resources when enterprises choose in a certain market segments to do fine and stronger. The most important is backed by outstanding technical talent, including the stability of the technical backbone of the human resources. Foreign high-end die enterprise is so, these enterprises although the scale is not big, but the profit is very high, brain drain is small, to this kind of enterprise, "win", resulting in technology accumulation and progress is the key.
Die structure optimization design should adopt computer optimization design (numerical) assisted by physical simulation of mold, to ensure the smooth flow of the metal, full of die cavity and the uniform stress distribution. Mold design make full use of function of the CAD system of 2D and 3D design, so as to ensure the unity of the original product information and accurate, avoid the error caused by human factors, improve the quality of mold design. The 3D modeling of the product can reflect the external shape of the product completely before forging, and discover the possible problems in the original design.. Forging die structure of forging quality, productivity, and labor intensity, forging die using life and die manufacturing has certain influence, its importance is not less than all kinds of die cavity design. For the forgings Filling good and die everywhere should force balanced, reasonable blank must be to adapt to the requirements of the requirements and the volume of the cross-sectional area of the forgings, get close to the calculated the shape and size of the blank drawing, if the system blank shape and size of the design is not reasonable or the blank molds bore severe wear will reduce pre forging and finish forging die life.
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