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1, product development:
Huihong R & D center of R & D team, bringing together the plastic mold manufacturing expert experienced experts, die design, injection molding, blow molding, printing technology performance of the expert, their sincere dedication, to provide customers from product development to production manufacturing to provide a full range of technical support, customer's new product development cycle is shortened, and reduces the production cost;
2, mold manufacturing:
The company has many foreign imported CNC machining center, mirror EDM, CNC lathe, automatic mold machine and other precision mold equipment, the monthly mold output of up to 25 sets of.
3, product production:
Injection is a closed type central air conditioning workshop, equipped with automatic mechanical hand large-scale injection molding machine 40, the two-color injection molding machine 10, monthly output lift al Qaeda 30 million; molding department have high-speed bottle blowing machine 10 sets, monthly output plastic bottles up to 700 million...