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Five key points of precision and efficiency of mould quality
Source:HUIHONG Plastic Mould    Time:2015-3-11 10:46:01
Many of the mold manufacturers are in the implementation of the reform and adjustment, especially in mold product quality this piece is very attention, because the root cause of the mold quality the good and bad things affect product quality, yield, cost, how to let it die in high accuracy, low cost, high efficiency, longer, more time to produce qualified parts, Xiaobian recommended mold manufacturers can start from the following five aspects:
The design of the parts should be reasonable.
As far as possible the best structure plan, the product designer must take into account the technical request and the structure must accord with the mold manufacture craft and the feasibility.
The main points two, the design of the mold is the most important step to improve the quality of the mold
And the selection of die material, in addition to meet the customer requirements on product quality, we still need to considering the cost of materials and in setting the period of strength, of course, also according to the type of mold, use, processing speed, the main failure form of factors to material.
II, the structure design of mould, as far as possible has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, but also to ensure that the mold has enough strength and stiffness; in the mold structure allows, mould parts on the surface of each of the corner should be as far as possible to design a fillet transition, in order to avoid stress concentration;
, in the design must reduce the scope in the maintenance of a spare parts need to disassemble the, especially wearing parts replacement, as far as possible to reduce the range of assembly and disassembly of the utility model.
Key points three, the manufacturing process of the mold is an important part of the quality of the mold
The machining method and machining accuracy of the mould manufacture process can influence the service life of the die.. Precision parts directly affects the overall mold assembly, precision of remove equipment, through the improvement of the machining method, improve fitter in the mold grinding process technology level to improve mould parts processing precision;
Points four, the main parts of the mold surface hardening
Improve the wear resistance of the mold parts, so as to improve the quality of the mold. For the surface hardening, according to the different uses of the mold, choose different strengthening methods.
Point five, the correct use and maintenance of mold is a major factor in improving the quality of the mold
Mold installation and debugging method should be appropriately, in hot runner system, power supply wiring to correct, the cooling water to meet the design requirements, parameters of mold in the production of injection molding machine, die casting machine, press and design requirements consistent and so on.
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