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Analysis of the reasons for the process of mold industry in China
Source:HUIHONG Plastic Mould    Time:2015-3-11 9:59:13
As the mold of their own characteristics, reflects the modern mold enterprises are technology-intensive, capital-intensive and labor-intensive and high-quality social characteristics, mold manufacturing industry has become a part of the high-tech manufacturing industries. China's mold industry has nearly 100 billion yuan mark, has become a huge scale of production. Taking Beijing as an example of mold enterprises, Beijing existing mold enterprises reached more than 200, can produce hundreds of thousands of units per year die. According to a leading Beijing mold Association, currently in Beijing focus on the development of the automotive, electronics, environmental protection and other industries need a lot of support for the mold industry, of course, it will also promote the rapid development in Beijing mold manufacturing. Despite the development of enterprises in Beijing mold varies greatly, but still emerged BYD stamping dies, the Great Wall Peony plastic extrusion dies, Condit Puri precision multi-position progressive die and other representative enterprises and products.
From the level of development of mold in 2009, the performance of mold development of the industry include: large progressive die length of more than 3m, precision progressive die has been with 2000 times / min high-speed punch matching; hot runner mold and gas assisted mold and some has reached the international level; in the CAD / CAM technology is popular at the same time, CAE technology more widely, CAD / CAE / CAM integrated technology to develop, and achieve better results; mold the new structure, new products, new processes, new materials, innovations continue to emerge, increasing the number of patents.
Multi-position progressive die and precision die represents the development direction of the stamping dies, precision and life is extremely demanding, mainly for IT electronic information industry, semiconductor precision components, terminal connector, mobile phone casing and other facilities. According to Beijing-based IT mold responsible person in the country has a considerable base of IT mold and has been the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, the individual production of the product has reached the world level, but most companies still a wide gap total short supply, import more. For ultra large scale integrated circuit package for more than 100 and a lead foot gap below 0.2mm lead frame package for the accuracy of 5mm or more precision miniature connector matching the diameter of 1.6mm or less core support and micro-motors for the CRT and electronics such as supporting the development of precision molds is a top priority.
Experts predict that the focus of future development of the mold industry can meet a lot of needs, but also high technology content, especially now that the country is still not self-sufficient, the need to import large quantities of mold and can represent the development direction of large, sophisticated, complex, long- life die. As China's mold products in the international market account for a large price advantage, so good export prospects for mold products will be the focus of development.
Mold industry needed talent, which is a bottleneck restricting the development of mold industry.
Model Association in Beijing, a leader of opinion, China's mold industry equipment, materials, and software are all imported from abroad, and there is no gap between these and abroad, as long as willing to invest, which can be more than the best in the world. Industry generally believe that China's mold industry and mold industry compared to developed countries, is the lack of real talent, is technology management. Take management, the foreign advanced management, a person can operate three or four machines, can reach up to eight levels of management, quality of personnel, which can realize unmanned operation. But China's mold industry is not, because such talent China is still relatively small. Beijing-based mold enterprise IT executives believe that most young people today do not want to go to the scene, do not want to suffer. In the mold industry, in particular, need experienced engineers and technicians, they need a lot of practical experience. In the mold industry, there is a very common phenomenon, that some masters, the old experts, the sixties and seventies has still busy in the first line, because companies need their valuable experience.
Many superstitious advanced production equipment, that with a large number of imported equipment, can produce high-precision molds. Despite the fact that is indeed the case, we need to introduce a large number of electric discharge machines, wire cutting, precision grinding machines, machining centers and other high-end from abroad, sophisticated processing equipment. But not as long as the advanced equipment and software, we can all of a sudden become a mold manufacturing power. Qualified personnel abroad, not only to operate a variety of machine tools, but also for mold design, the preparation and processing procedures in the process and can find something wrong and make improvement and modification, it can be said that such talent is the mold industry most in need of talent.
Currently, mold design and CNC machining talent talent, talent shortage has become a market. For the purposes of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, "Dongguan million die design personnel training project" has trained 19,563 people all kinds of skilled personnel in Dongguan. Zhitong talent market, according to statistics, in recent years, mold companies in the bulk purchase of CNC equipment, while more urgent need a lot of mold design, CNC programming, CNC machine operation and maintenance technicians. However, such a talent pool of talent on the market is not large, companies seem to be more difficult to find the right talent in the talent market. Statistical data show that only need Dongguan mold talent gap in the 50 000 or more.
Most domestic mold companies, in personnel management, quality of personnel, there are still a serious shortage, which is the real source of mold companies in China and the gap between developed countries, and therefore the management system needs improvement.
Personnel streamlining, "thin" type management, has - become a developed country mold manufacturing personnel management. Mold companies in Europe and America and other developed countries the majority of small, less than a hundred employees, the number of mold companies are generally in the 20 to 50 people. Configure various categories of staff is very streamlined, multi-skill, a person multiple roles within the enterprise can not see idlers. Lean production, "thin" type management thinking has been well reflected.
Europe mold companies, mostly around the needs of the automotive, electronics and other industries for various types of mold, determine their own product positioning and market positioning. In order to survive in the market competition, and development, each manufacturer has its own advantages mold technology and products, and have taken professional production. Most users die mold companies both in Europe and America a long-term cooperation in a group of companies around the large mold mold production factory. This reciprocity, mutual benefit, win-win partnership coexistence, and some have lasted 30 to 40 years.
Many mold companies in China, the R & D and innovation capabilities have been greatly improved, many new technologies have also been widely used. Such as the development and application of three-dimensional design technology, the development and application of information management technologies, double (color) injection molding technology development and application, and so thick welded plate stamping technology, high-strength plate hot forming technology. With the emphasis on talent and mold enterprise management, with a variety of new technologies in the mold industry applications, mold industry will usher in a period of vigorous development.
The use of advanced management information system to achieve integrated management, has become a trend mold enterprise development. Europe and mold enterprises, especially large-scale mold enterprise, essentially a computer management. From production planning, technology to develop, to quality control, inventory, statistics, the widespread use of computers in the company's various departments can share information through a computer network. In China, experts have long been calling for the strengthening of information technology and information management, but today, there are most backward means of production management, and information technology, automation still far away.
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